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Sound design, music recording and post production

Our Services

Sound Design

We record and create unique sounds for your games, apps or films
To be immersive and coherent, we may travel abroad just to bring you the sound that you need !

Recording mix mastering

Mix and mastering can be done remotely if you pre-recorded your tracks. We mainly in Lille (France) but moving to record the sound that you want is totally possible

Post production

From voice cleaning to a complete film post production,
We adapt ourself to your project's size to bring you the best quality possible !

Audiovisual project

Working with reliable and talented professional, feel free to contact us to carry any audiovisual project from A to Z.

What Makes Us Different?

Polyglot sutdio

Speaking French, English, Japanese and Spanish
Kaigai Studio can adapt to all kinds of international projects and teamwork


Speaking about sound design, it is very important for us to create unique sound that can be immersive and feel authentic. If your film or game happens to be in the roman empire, in Europ middle age or in modern Japan for example,
We will create and record sound to be the most accurate as possible.

Remotely avaiable

You need somebody to travel to get your sound,
You recorded your album's tracks and need them to get mixed
You want our expertise without having to move to France

We are here for you

Multicultural and Style mixing project welcome

Multicultural and multi-style music are more than welcome to Kaigai Studio We are used to record and sonorise various folklorique instruments from all around the world. You will be sure to work with somebody know how to deal with the specificities that you might be looking for!

Who is behind kaigai studio

I am Hadrien Hollart, French engineer based in Lille graduated in 2013. 
 Starting with live music mixing, I’have then opened myself to the world of the recording studio and the sound creation years ago. 

 Passionate by music and sound of course, I’m also from video games, fantasy/futuristic universe, travels and languages. 
 Speaking French, English, Spanish and Japanese you might already guess that I truly love working on international, multicultural, and polyglot projects. I’m not afraid by ambitious projects and always willing to go deep in sound exploration in order to reach what you are looking for.

Non exhaustive port-folio

Recording and mixing the album "Empoisonée" of the Black Folk Metal band "Sorcières"
Sound Design and voice treatment

Soudn design for tha animated logo , voice recording ans design of effects on voices for a vidéo game

Post production for 4 short movies of the "Horror Project" by Clemence Doucet

What gear do I work with ?

D.A.W :  _Cubase pro 10 (main software), Pro tools 10


Middleware for video game : _Fmod studio, Wwise

(mainly with Unreal Engine)

Plugins: _Izotope complete suite, 

Waves C6, SSL-E, Bass rider


VSTs : _Amped guitar , Neural DSP achetype Gojira and Tim henson 

_Native instrument Komplete kontrol , East Asia, Cuba, West Africa, India, Middle East, Balinese and others instrument libraries 


_Toontracks EZ drummer 2

_BBC synphonic orchestra

And lot of free vst


Audio Interface : Beringher X32, Akai EIE Pro

Keyboards: Native intrument Komplete Kontrol A61, Akai Mk 2 mini

Electric guitars : Schecter reaper 6 and Epiphone Les Pauls standard

Bass: Marcus miller V3 5 string bass, Harley Benton JB

Acoustic guitar : Epiphone DG1 (folk) and self Restored 2nd hand classic guitar

Millenium msp 650 drum kit

Other intruments:  Irish Bouzouki, Irish thin withle, melodica, ocarina, Saxophone, Electric violin


Kaigai Studio Partners

We work with various talented professionals. Photographers, Animators, Motion designer, Filmmakers, Directors, Beatmakers, Graphists… 
In France and abroad, if you have an ambitious project, even if it goes beyond the work on the sound, we can help you manage or finding people to work. We even can carry all the technical aspects from the preproduction of the release!

Siret : 902 272 418 00010

Adressえ : 

75 rue Pierre Legrand

59800 Lille

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